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seisuke88's commitment

Please check the greatest history of our patterns on You Tube. Please check the greatest history of our patterns on You Tube.

What is "seisuke88"?

It is a "Factory Brand in Kyoto" that reprints and gives rebirth to motifs, handed down in the Nishijin, Kyoto, from long ago.

The mind of "Learning a lesson from the Past".

We do product making from the designs approximately reaching to 2,000 kinds, drawn approximately 150 years ago, while adding new color schemes with the feel of that time faithfully remaining, in order to fit them to the modern life style.

Commitment towards "Function Processing"

Seisuke88 has been an organized processing factory of dress fabric in Kyoto for 65 years.
(We do the final processing of the fabric, such as washing the dyed clothes clean and giving it a soft texture, etc.)
Reflecting the craftsmen’s techniques cultivated in the factory to every product, while putting ourselves in the position of users, we give function processing suited for each product.

Commitment about the "color".

Employing ink-jet printing, while using many kinds of colors, we reprint traditional designs to be modernized.

Commitment towards "antique gold"

We adopt Antique Gold that matches the motifs handed down from long ago and gives the sense of reserved elegance and nostalgia.

Commitment towards "back fabric"

We print the brand logotype on the back fabric.Within the same item, we change the color of back fabric depending on the pattern.

Commitment towards "purple"

Seisuke88 is “Born in Kyoto, grown in Kyoto” and uses "purple", the symbol color of Kyoto, as its brand color.

Commitment towards "Made in Japan"

For we'd like the customers to use them with ease for a long time, the products of seisuke88 are all made in Japan, so we care very much about the notion of "Made in Japan".