MEG COHEN x seisuke88

Full-Fledged Collaboration with NY Designer

We will move into a new stage of full-fledged collaboration with Meg Cohen, a fashion designer living in New York.

Meg Cohen has connections with Paul Smith, Neiman Marcus, John Derian and other fashion designers. She has established an especially strong trust with Paul Smith, and she also has a significant influence on his designs.

Meg Cohen is becoming known for her design excellence in EU, and lately she has been extremely busy.

The connection between seisuke88 and Meg Cohen started in 2008 with trial sales of collaborative products at her shop in SOHO. Taking one step at a time through 1st, 2nd and 3rd collections, we have steadily built a trusting relationship with her.

At first our products were only sold at her shop in SOHO, but we started wholesaling in 2011 on trial at NYIGF and other places. From 2012 we will make concerted efforts to promote the collection of Meg Cohen and seisuke88.

  • 1st Collection Chidori/Yatsude/Ume/Ryusuini Hana
  • 2nd Collection Yorokehishigousi-mon
  • 3rd Collection Matsu/MIzumon
  • MEG COHEN x seisuke88
  • MEG COHEN x seisuke88
  • MEG COHEN x seisuke88
seisuke88 Collaboration with MEG COHEN.



Meg Cohen studied fine art, specializing in lithography, at Central Saint Martins College of Art in London, and at Syracuse University in the United States. Upon graduation, she traveled throughout Europe working on textile and print design with the designer Gloria Sachs. Meg later worked for Norma Kamali and as a designer for Perry Ellis.

Meg began her own signature cashmere collection by inventing the much imitated cashmere double-fringed scarf. She has become a lead-ing New York fashion stylist known for her special color sense pairing unusual color combinations in her classic striped scarves. The collec-tion is sold at Paul Smith, as well as other high end retail stores around the world.

MEG COHEN's knitwear collection

Her current knitwear collection includes the nostalgic, romantic silhouettes of the Grace Hoods (named after Grace Kelly), and the contemporary urban look of youth fashion in the fingerless gloves and what Meg calls her 'Arm Socks'. She has recently launched a year round collection of scarves using delicate lightweight cottons, silk and cashmere with hippy motifs including the peace signs with which Meg has become associated.

Meg Cohen Design store

Opened in 2006, the Meg Cohen Design store in Soho in New York, presents Meg's accessory collection as well as an eclectic mixture of other products which she has chosen; her embroidered pillows and bent-wood tables, as well as other unique home products. The store is also very much about the unusual vintage jewelry and objects which inspire Meg: vintage keys, charm neck-laces, stationary and even vinyl records from the photographer, Hugh Hales-Tooke's, collection. Meg uses the store as a lab to ex-plore and try-out new design products.